Call for the CRF Board Director Nominations

Deadline to submit nominations: September 30, 2024

In April 2025, the Canadian Radiological Foundation (CRF) will need to replace two departing Directors of its Board. Dr. James Fraser from Halifax (NS) and Dr. Louis-Martin Boucher from Montreal (QC) have served the Board with distinction for six years and we thank them for their dedication and many contributions to the work of the Board.

By offering your name in nomination, you can help the CRF advance its mission to promote the art and science of radiology through research and education. With new initiatives on the horizon, the CRF needs and welcomes the enthusiastic participation of its members on the CRF Board of Directors. 

Board Directors play a crucial role in guiding the strategic direction of our Foundation, ensuring fiscal responsibility, and upholding our values. We are seeking individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills, and experiences, particularly in funds raising, who are passionate about our mission and can contribute their leadership, expertise, and networks to support our work.


The CRF is dedicated to fostering an environment where diversity is embraced, equity is promoted, and inclusion is valued. We believe that every individual brings unique perspectives and experiences that enrich our Foundation. We are committed to creating a culture that respects and celebrates diversity in all its forms, and where everyone feels empowered to contribute and succeed.

We thank you in advance for considering this opportunity to contribute your talents and leadership to the CRF. Together, we can make a lasting impact on our community and beyond.

Key responsibilities of Board Directors include:

  • Providing strategic direction and governance oversight
  • Ensuring sound financial management and accountability
  • Advocating for the organization and advancing its mission
  • Participating actively in Board meetings, committees, and fundraising efforts
  • Engaging with stakeholders and representing the Foundation with integrity

Ideal candidates will possess:

  • A commitment to the mission and values of the CRF
  • Relevant professional expertise, skills, or experience, particularly in funds raising
  • Leadership qualities and a collaborative mindset
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • A willingness to dedicate time and effort to Board responsibilities

Further information can be obtained by consulting the following documents:

Time Requirements

  • A Board Director serves a two (2) year term (renewable twice, for a total of six (6) years) or until his/her successor is elected
  • The Board usually meets three (3) times per year:
    • Mid/End March (virtual) (1h to approve the audited financials for the Annual General Meeting)
    • Mid/End April (in-person) (half-day during the CAR’s Annual Scientific Meeting)
    • Fall (virtual) (half-day to review the projects of upcoming year)
  • The Board may hold additional virtual meetings to discuss a specific topic or approve a proposal
  • Board Directors are expected to participate on some Standing Committees and/or Working Groups

Nomination Process

PLEASE NOTE: You must be a CAR member in good standing to submit a nomination

  • The nomination should contain a Statement of Interest and a current Curriculum Vitae
  • The Statement of Interest (preferably in English) should include the following three (3) headings and describe:
    • Your qualifications and experience
    • What you would bring to the CRF Board
    • Your vision for the CRF
  • The nomination must be accompanied by letters of support (preferably in English) from two (2) members in good standing of the CAR
  • Forward your nomination by email to (Please indicate in the subject line: CRF Board Director Nomination)

If unsuccessful the first year, the nomination may be reactivated by any member in good standing for consideration for a maximum of two (2) years following the first submission. This can be done by submitting a letter requesting reactivation by September 30 of the subsequent year. This reactivation does not require any new supporting data.

Nomination Timeline

  • June 22, 2024: Nomination process opens
  • September 30, 2024: Closing day for submitting nominations
  • By November 30, 2024: 2025-2026 Board of Directors slate gets approved by the CRF Board of Directors
  • By December 15, 2024: Notifications are sent to all selected and non-nominated candidates
  • April 4, 2025: 2025-2026 Board of Directors slate is voted by the CRF members at the Annual General Meeting

2025-2026 Board Nominations Standing Committee:

  • Dr. Emil Lee (BC), Chair
  • Dr. James Fraser (NS)
  • Dr. Louis-Martin Boucher (QC)