In April 2019, the CRF launched its 500 Club campaign to inspire 500 radiologists to help increase the Foundation’s impact on imaging care and the Canadian’s radiological landscape.

  • We are targeting a goal of $250,000 annualized contributions over three years.
  • Donations will be used to advance initiatives related to the five CRF pillars.
  • Donors receive recognition from the CRF in communications, access to the Donors’ Lounge at the CAR’s Annual Scientific Meeting and a limited-edition pin recognizing membership to the 500 Club.

Securing the Future of Radiology​

Think of it

The role radiologists can play in leading the future of Canadian healthcare. Join a leading group of radiologists committed to long-term investments in our profession’s future. 

The CRF has plans to grow how we invest in our profession’s future. Our work has never been so important.

But you know that radiology leaders, research and innovation doesn’t happen overnight and requires a long-term commitment. CRF’s 2019 – 2023 strategic plan calls for deepening our reliable, annual sources of funding. Because we know that planning for the future takes a commitment. This is where you come in.

We need your support. Will you join us?

Join the CRF 500 Club

Joining the 500 Club is easy

We invite 500 professionals to commit to a basic, annual donation of just $500 each.


All you need to do is:

  • Complete our secure online donation form today 
  • Make a minimum $500 contribution
  • Commit to making this an annual gift so we can have reliable funding
  • Receive your annual tax receipt

In return you will be seen as a leader among your peers.

And you will know that you have made a difference to all Canadians’ healthcare future.


500 Club Members

Adel AssafCarl ZylakEduardo Portela de OliveiraJulian DobranowskiPierre Bourgouin
Adnan SheikhCarlos H. TorresEdward LyonsKeith LemayRachel Fleming
Alan MoodyCarole DennieElsie NguyenLawrence SteinRafael Glikstein
Alison HarrisCarolyn FleggEmil LeeLinda ProbynRichard Walker
Amol MujoomdarChristopher FungGilles SoulezLouis-Martin BoucherRobert Lambert
Anabel ScaraneloClifford LeviGreg ThompsonLynette PerreaultRobert Miller
Andrea LumConnie HapgoodGregory James ButlerMarco EssigRobert Sevick
Andreu CostaDaniel BourgeoisHeidi SchmidtMatt McInnesScott Harris
Andrew MasonDaniel LindsayJacques LévesqueMehran MidiaSheldon Wiebe
Ania KielarDaniel PetrieJames ClarkeMichael BarryShiela Appavoo
Anish KirpalaniDaria ManosJames FraserMichael BristowSilma Solorzano
Arlene KaniganDavid BarnesJana TaylorMichael PatlasSimon Bicknell
Barry CaplanDavid BishopJason ShewchukMicheal McInnisStewart MacMillan
Barry DavidsonDavid FergusonJean SeelyMiriam BambonyeSukhvinder Dhillon
Bernice CapustenDavid KoffJeffrey ChankowskyNarinder PaulSylvia Chang
Bill AndersonDavid LiJoel Yvon SuretteNatalia GorelikVisal Pen
Brenda FarnquistDavid VickarJohn LysackNicolette SinclairWilliam Miller
Brian LentleDeborah MabinJohn RickettsPaul Babyn 
Bruce ForsterDerek CoolJose AquinoPaula Gordon 
Carl Chartrand LefebvreDerek EmeryJoseph ChinPeter Liu 

Corporate Membership

Five corporations will be accepted into the 500 Club with an annual commitment of $5,000 or more.


Reach out to discuss how your organization can play a role in supporting the future of radiology in Canada.