The CRF would like to sincerely thank all its funders for their donations over the years. Their contributions have allowed the CRF to develop projects and initiatives which otherwise would not have been possible.

500 Club

In April 2019, the CRF launched its 500 Club campaign to inspire 500 radiologists to help increase the foundation’s impact on imaging care and the Canadian radiological landscape.


  • We are targeting a goal of $250,000 annualized contributions over three years.
  • Donations will be used to advance initiatives related to the five CRF pillars.
  • Donors receive recognition from CRF in communications, access to Donor Lounge at the CAR Annual Scientific Meeting and a limited-edition pin recognizing membership to the 500 Club.


500 Club Members

The CRF would like to publicly recognize the following 500 Club donors:

Dr. Bill Anderson

Dr. Shiela Appavoo

Dr. Jose Aquino

Dr. Adel Assaf

Dr. David Barnes

Dr. Michael Barry

Dr. Simon Bicknell

Dr. David Bishop

Dr. Louis-Martin Boucher

Dr. Daniel Bourgeois

Dr. Pierre Bourgouin

Dr. Michael Bristow

Dr. Gregory James Butler

Dr. Barry Caplan

Dr. Bernice Capusten

Dr. Jeffrey Chankowsky

Dr. Carl Chartrand-Lefebvre

Dr. Joseph Chin

Dr. James Clarke

Dr. Derek Cool

Dr. Barry Davidson

Dr. Carole Dennie

Dr. Sukhvinder Dhillon

Dr. Julian Dobranowski

Dr. Derek Emery

Dr. Marco Essig

Dr. Carolyn Flegg

Dr. Bruce Forster

Dr. James Fraser

Dr. Rafael Glikstein

Dr. Connie Hapgood

Dr. Alison Harris

Dr. Angus Hartery

Dr. Arlene Kanigan

Dr. Ania Kielar

Dr. David Koff

Dr. Emil Lee

Dr. Keith Lemay

Dr. Jacques Lévesque

Dr. Clifford Levi

Dr. David Li

Dr. Daniel Lindsay

Dr. Peter Liu

Dr. Andrea Lum

Dr. Edward Lyons

Dr. Deborah Mabin

Dr. Stewart MacMillan

Dr. Daria Manos

Dr. Andrew Mason

Dr. Matthew McInnes

Dr. Mehran Midia

Dr. William Miller

Dr. Robert Miller

Dr. Alan Moody

Dr. Amol Mujoomdar

Dr. Elsie Nguyen

Dr. Michael Patlas

Dr. Narinder Paul

Dr. Visal Pen

Dr. Daniel Petrie

Dr. Linda Probyn

Dr. Anabel Scaranelo

Dr. Heidi Schmidt

Dr. Robert Sevick

Dr. Adnan Sheikh

Dr. Jason Shewchuk

Dr. Nicolette Sinclair

Dr. Silma Solorzano

Dr. Gilles Soulez

Dr. Lawrence Stein

Dr. Carlos H. Torres

Dr. David Vickar

Dr. Richard Walker

Dr. Sheldon Wiebe

Dr. Carl Zylak

Supporters 2020-2021

The CRF would like to publicly recognize the following donors:

Dr. Nourah Almubarak

Dr. Eric Bartlett

Dr. Anne-Marie Beaudet

Dr. Pieter Boshoff

Dr. Marcel Caissie

Dr. Terry Chung

Dr. Andreu Costa

Dr. Priscila Crivellaro

Dr. Amélie Damphousse

Dr. Yale Erenberg

Dr. Birgit Ertl-Wagner

Dr. Benjamin Fine

Dr. Karen Finlay

Dr. Martin Finnegan

Dr. Hournaz Ghandehari

Dr. Phyllis Glanc

Dr. Prasaanthan Gopee

Dr. Gavin Hamilton

Dr. Ian Hammond

Dr. Scott Harris

Dr. Nathalie Ibrahim

Dr. Sarah Johnson

Dr. Ah Young Jung

Dr. Erik Jurriaans

Dr. Muhammad Jawad Khan

Dr. Iain Kirkpatrick

Dr. Mario Kontolemos

Mr. Wolim Lee

Dr. Emmanelle Lemercier

Dr. David Leswick

Dr. Jennifer Lombard

Dr. Pejman Jabehdar Maralani

Dr. Mitesh Mehta

Mr. Shane Natalwalla

Dr. Robert Otani

Dr. Nafisa Paruk

Dr. Angela Pickles

Dr. Josephine Pressacco

Dr. Darryl Ramsewak

Dr. Martin Reed

Dr. Brigitte Roy

Dr. Oyebola Sogbein

Dr. Lawrence Stein

Dr. Jana Taylor

Dr. Antonio Gervais Tongué

Dr. Christian Van der Pol

Dr. Nancy Wadden

Dr. Edward Whelan

Dr. Stephen Ying

Thank You Donors!