Our track record is built on helping radiologists play a leading role in Canada’s healthcare future.

Investing in Canadian Radiology

Canadian Radiological Foundation (CRF) – Run by Radiologists for the Future of Canadian Radiology

Our Foundation is dedicated exclusively to the future of Canadian radiology. Together, we are investing in Canadian healthcare to drive innovation in imaging, intervention, informatics and artificial intelligence education and research.

Dr. Bruce Forster, MSc, MD, FRCPC, FCAR
President of the Canadian Radiological Foundation

Here are just four of our success stories

Research Studies

Winner of the CRF Grant

Dr. Kathryn Darras (University of British Columbia) for Teaching Safe Imaging: Development and Evaluation of an Online Imaging Appropriateness Course for Canadian Medical Students.

“Because of the Canadian Radiological Foundation’s grant program, our team was able to get the resources needed to continue our research and make a difference in the radiology field. The CRF is committed to developing our profession’s impact on Canada’s healthcare future – through people, technology and research.” 

Dr. Kathryn Darras (University of British Columbia)

Leadership Scholarships

Winner of the Leadership Scholarship

In 2018 the scholarship was awarded to Dr. Angus Hartery, MD (Memorial University) to attend the 2018 Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI) Leadership Summit of the American College of Radiology (ACR) for “Practical Solutions for Difficult Problems”. 

“It was a fantastic opportunity to hear ideas from leaders concerning both national overarching challenges as well as every day challenges facing radiologists today. The sessions on ‘Thinking outside the box’, as well as ‘practice negotiations’ were valuable experiences that would meaningfully contribute to any radiologist’s arsenal of skills.”

Dr. Angus Hartery, MD FRCPC ABR (Memorial University)

Winner of the Leadership Scholarship

In 2019 the scholarship was awarded to Dr. Scott Adams, MD (University of Saskatchewan) to attend the 2019 Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI) Leadership Summit of the American College of Radiology (ACR). 

“The Radiology Leadership Institute Leadership Summit has been a tremendous opportunity to gain knowledge and skills to advance the specialty of radiology and improve the care we provide to patients. The Leadership Summit has provided me with a broader and deeper perspective to embrace opportunities for our specialty and our practices, and has equipped me with strategies to navigate some of the challenges facing radiology now and in the future.”

Dr. Scott Adams, MD (University of Saskatchewan)

Winner of the CRF/CAR/UBC Sauder School of Business Scholarship

In 2018, the scholarship was awarded to deserving candidate Dr. Alicia Cheong (University of Toronto), among others, to attend the second module of Negotiation Strategies for Canadian Radiologists.

“This opportunity was extremely informative and as I am nearing the end of residency, it was particularly insightful for me to hear about, and learn from more senior members of our radiology community.”

Dr. Alicia Cheong, MDCM (University of Toronto)

Scholarships and Awards

Leadership scholarships awarded

2 per year

Funds awarded in 2019


Support the future of Canadian Radiology.

Meet our Board of Directors

Dr. Bruce Forster

Dr. Bruce Forster is Professor and Head at the University of British Columbia, Department of Radiology, Director of the UBC Office of Academic Innovation, and Clinical Lead, Medical Imaging Appropriateness BC Patient Safety & Quality Council. 


He has been involved in the clinical, education, and research aspects of sports imaging for over 25 years and was Director of Imaging for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. 


Dr. Forster has delivered over 350 invited lectures and is the author of over 140 peer-reviewed scientific publications, and 125 educational exhibits.  He was awarded the Fellowship of the CAR and the CAR Gold Medal in 2019.

Dr. Andrea Lum
Vice President

Dr. P. Andrea Lum is Vice Dean, Faculty Affairs, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western effective January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2024 with oversight on faculty affairs, professionalism, wellness and equity. She was the Chair of London Health Sciences Centre Medical Advisory Committee (2016-2019) and Chair/City Wide Chief, Department of Medical Imaging, Western (2008 – 2017). 


Dr. Lum has 30 years leadership experience serving the CARJ, CAR, OAR, OMA, CMA, OHA; currently is Vice-President of the CRF. She led Physician engagement for Accreditation Canada 2018 survey when LHSC achieved Exemplary recognition. She was the first LHSC physician leader awarded Canadian Certified Physician Executive in 2012, re-certifying in 2017.


Her numerous awards include Chair’s Award of Inspiration for Exemplary humanitarian efforts, MAC Award for Excellence in Leadership and Lifetime Achievement Award Medical Imaging, Western.

Dr. David Vickar 

Dr. Vickar graduated from the University of Manitoba in medicine and followed with an internship and residency at McGill University. He relocated to Edmonton where he has practiced radiology with a special focus on ultrasound and is an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Alberta. He takes pride in teaching medical students, residents and particularly Sonographers and was the physician advisor to the Canadian Sonographers Society for many years.

Dr. Vickar is a past president of the Alberta Society of Radiologists and the Canadian Association of Radiologists. He has participated in numerous committees, working groups and planning sessions in both his specialty of radiology as well as with the Alberta Medical Association, the Royal College of Physicians of Canada and now with the Canadian Radiological Foundation.  He has also served on boards of numerous local non-profit organizations in his home city of Edmonton.

He is proud to be a Fellow of the American College of Radiology (FACR) as well as a Fellow of the Canadian Association of Radiologists (FCAR).

Dr. Louis-Martin Boucher

Dr. Boucher graduated with an MD-PhD from University of Toronto. He subspecialized in interventional radiology and worked at McGill as an Assistant Professor in the department of Radiology at McGill University, division of Interventional Radiology, and member of the McGill University Health Centre Radiology Associates group.


In 2018 he became the Program Director of McGill’s Interventional Radiology Residency program. He acts as Chair of Resident Research Committee and is on the board of the Radimed Montreal Radiology group.


He was awarded “Teacher of the Year” award in 2010 for his excellence and active involvement in course development.

Dr. James (Jamie) Fraser

Dr. Fraser is a Cardiac Radiologist and Professor of Radiology and Medicine at Dalhousie University. He is the former Resident Program Director and the co-Chair of the Cardiothoracic fellowship program at Dalhousie.


Dr. Fraser was the Chair of the Nova Scotia Health Authority Central Zone Quality Committee, part of the editorial board of the journal Radiology, President of the Nova Scotia Association of Radiologists and Canadian Association of Radiologists, and was on the board of Chancellors of the American College of Radiology. He is the first “legacy” CAR president, following his father, David Fraser, and continues to serve on numerous CAR working groups.


Dr. Fraser was made a Fellow of the CAR in 2018.

Research Studies

In association with the Canadian Heads of Academic Radiology (CHAR), the Canadian Radiological Foundation is pleased to provide the opportunity to apply for research awards in support of studies or research projects in diagnostic radiology or interventional procedures. Priority is given to research or studies aiming to benefit radiology in Canada. 

Leadership Courses in Radiology

In association with the UBC Sauder School of Business and the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR), the CRF is honored to have developed new and unique leadership courses in radiology to help radiologists develop their leadership skills and contribute to the future of radiology in Canada. The second module Negotiation Strategies for Canadian Radiologists was held on April 24-25, 2018 in Montreal.

Some of the feedback from participants included

Leadership perspective: OK to fail, it is actually a must to a road map to improvement

Case study scenarios and dialogues were very valuable –something I would like to implement into training.”

Overall great course, worth the time and money. Significantly better than the Joule equivalent.”

Leadership Scholarships

Since 2015, the CRF has instituted leadership scholarships to be awarded yearly. The scholarships are open to CAR members and offer selected participants an opportunity to acquire and develop the leadership skills radiologists need to advance their careers and the profession, and to play a meaningful role in shaping the future of healthcare.

Guiding Vision and Mission


Why we do it

To ensure the sustainable future of patient-focused RADIOLOGY research, education and innovation excellence in Canada and beyond.


What we are set out to do

To promote the art and science of radiology through research and education. The Canadian Radiological Foundation (CRF) achieves its mission through the funding of projects which help to shape the future of radiology in Canada. In support of this directive, the CRF has funded the following activities.

Research and Innovation Grants

In support of studies and research projects in diagnostic radiology or interventional procedures, the Canadian Radiological Foundation (CRF) and the Canadian Heads of Academic Radiology (CHAR) are pleased to provide the opportunity to apply for research awards accordingly.

Leadership Courses in Radiology

The Canadian Radiological Foundation (CRF) provides new and unique leadership courses in radiology designed to help radiologists expand their leadership skills and contribute to the future of radiology in Canada.

Leadership Scholarships

The Canadian Radiological Foundation (CRF) offers leadership scholarships to allow the selected CAR members to acquire and develop leadership skills to become radiology leaders of tomorrow.

Educational Outreach

The Canadian Radiological Foundation (CRF) sponsors qualified CAR members to attend and lecture at various international radiology conferences.

CAR ASM Scientific Awards

The Canadian Radiological Foundation (CRF) sponsors the CAR Annual Scientific Meeting abstract awards. Many of the recipients have gone on to complete further research and contribute to the profession of radiology.

Reports and Guidelines

The Canadian Radiological Foundation (CRF) has commissioned various reports and guidelines such as The Lifecycle Guidance for Medical Imaging Equipment in Canada.

CRF's association with CAR and CHAR

A key approach to our success is to partner with other like-minded organizations that focus on the future of radiology. Many of our education and research programs are designed, selected and prioritized by the Canadian Association of Radiology and Canadian Heads of Academic Radiology