Our track record is built on helping radiologists play a leading role in Canada’s healthcare future.

Investing in Canadian Radiology

Canadian Radiological Foundation (CRF) – Run by Radiologists for the Future of Canadian Radiology

Our Foundation is dedicated exclusively to the future of Canadian radiology. Together, we are investing in Canadian healthcare to drive innovation in imaging, intervention, informatics and artificial intelligence education and research.

President of the Canadian Radiological Foundation

Here are just four of our success stories

We are so proud of our Research Grant awardees who selflessly dedicate their time to carry out medical research to benefit radiologic care for patients. These testimonials from past grant recipients capture the value and impact that this award provides.


Recipient of the CRF Grant

Dr. David Koff (McMaster University) for Adaptive Personalized Predictive Risk Model for Medical Imaging Radiation Exposure.


7 papers published and presentations given at 8 national/international conferences [Full Details]


“Thanks to the CRF’s funding, we developed a working proof-of-concept predictive model for risk assessment. We believe that we have attained an important milestone in better understanding the risk of low dose radiation and in providing better care to our patients. This would not have been possible without the CRF, and on behalf of our team, I want to thank very sincerely the CRF for its generous contribution to our research.”

Recipient of the CRF Grant

Dr. Donatella Tampieri (Kingston Queen’s University) for Neuroradiological, clinical and genetic characterization of new forms of hereditary leukoencephalopathies.


4 papers published and presentations given at 11 national/international conferences  [Full Details]


“The funding from the CRF was crucial to develop an innovative research on adult-onset undiagnosed genetic white matter disorders and their overlap with multiple sclerosis. With the CRF’s support, we have collected and investigated the largest cohort of adult patients with white matter disorders of genetic origin in Canada. Importantly, our study contributed to the creation of an international network of experts interested in white matter diseases, led and coordinated by Dr. Roberta La Piana, which meet regularly to discuss atypical cases. Our team is extremely grateful for the CRF’s continuous support to our research since its very beginning.”

Recipient of the CRF Grant

Dr. Paul Babyn (Saskatchewan Health Authority) for A day in the life of MR in Canada – Profiling MR appropriateness and utilization in Canada.


3 papers published and presentations given at 5 national conferences  [Full Details]


“The funding from the CRF was instrumental in supporting two trainees and ensuring the success of our research work looking into the appropriateness and variation in usage of clinical MRI across Canada. The CRF has played a vital role in supporting important Canadian based research furthering the impact and value of Radiology throughout Canada. It has provided both trainees and staff valuable opportunities for research and helped to advance their careers. I greatly appreciate the work of the CRF!”

Leadership Workshops for Women in Radiology


Major milestone accomplishment for women radiologists!


The CRF has provided some financial support for the 1st (Oct. 2021), 2nd (Jan. 2023) and 3rd (Jan. 2024) virtual workshops led by Dr. Daria Manos which were all a tremendous success.

Meet our Board of Directors

From left to right: Drs. Emil Lee (President), David Koff (Vice President), Baljot Chahal (Secretary-Treasurer), James Fraser, Louis-Martin Boucher, Narinder Paul (CHAR) and Hang Yu (Resident)

Please click here for the full biographies of the CRF Board of Directors.



Call for the CRF Board Director Nominations

The CRF is looking for candidates to fill two positions on its Board of Directors.

Deadline to submit nominations: September 30, 2024

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Research Studies

The CRF has funded many research studies over the years which have resulted in articles published in peer-reviewed journals and presentations given at national/international conferences.

Leadership Courses in Radiology

In association with the UBC Sauder School of Business and the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR), the CRF is honored to have developed new and unique leadership courses in radiology to help radiologists develop their leadership skills and contribute to the future of radiology in Canada. 

Some of the feedback from participants included

Leadership perspective: OK to fail, it is actually a must to a road map to improvement

Case study scenarios and dialogues were very valuable –something I would like to implement into training.”

Overall great course, worth the time and money. Significantly better than the Joule equivalent.”

Leadership Scholarships

Since 2015, the CRF has awarded leadership scholarships to CAR members to acquire and develop the leadership skills they need to advance their careers and the profession, and to play a meaningful role in shaping the future of healthcare.

Guiding Vision and Mission


Why we do it

To ensure the sustainable future of patient-focused RADIOLOGY research, education and innovation excellence in Canada and beyond.


What we are set out to do

To promote the art and science of radiology through research and education. The CRF achieves its mission through the funding of projects which help to shape the future of radiology in Canada. In support of this directive, the CRF has funded the following activities:

Research Awards

In support of studies and research projects in diagnostic radiology or interventional procedures, the CRF and the Canadian Heads of Academic Radiology (CHAR) are pleased to provide the opportunity to apply for research awards accordingly.

Leadership Courses in Radiology

The CRF provides new and unique leadership courses in radiology designed to help radiologists expand their leadership skills and contribute to the future of radiology in Canada.

Leadership Scholarships

The CRF offers leadership scholarships to allow the selected CAR members to acquire and develop leadership skills to become radiology leaders of tomorrow.

Educational Outreach

The CRF sponsors qualified CAR members to attend and lecture at various international radiology conferences.

CAR ASM Scientific Awards

The CRF sponsors the CAR's Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) abstract awards. Many of the recipients have gone on to complete further research and contribute to the profession of radiology.

Reports and Guidelines

The CRF has commissioned various reports and guidelines such as The Lifecycle Guidance for Medical Imaging Equipment in Canada.

Medical Student Awards

In support of the CAR’s Resident and Fellows Section (RFS) and Medical Student Network (MSN), the CRF is offering three Medical Student Awards.

Radiation Safety Award

In support of Canada Safe Imaging (CSI), the CRF offers a Radiation Safety Award.

CARJ Podcasts

In support of the Journal of the CAR, the CRF is sponsoring some podcats.

CRF's association with the CAR and the CHAR

A key approach to our success is to partner with other like-minded organizations that focus on the future of radiology. Many of our education and research programs are designed, selected and prioritized by the Canadian Association of Radiology (CAR) and Canadian Heads of Academic Radiology (CHAR).